Inpatient Pharmacy Workflow

Quickly identify and manage the highest-priority patients on your hospital floors


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Boost Clinical Pharmacy Productivity with Prioritize


Boost clinical staff productivity by 30%

Real-time clinical dashboard with complexity score

Evidence-based risk stratification with color-coded visualization

RPh interventions documented in background as part of workflow

Continuous medication narrative to facilitate “warm” hand-offs

Expand Pharmacy Services with Existing Staff

Designed for time-strapped pharmacy practices asked to do more work without increasing staff

When a pharmacist signs into their Prioritize account, they have immediate up-to-date situational awareness of their assigned patients’ risk of adverse medication events and overall workload. One click, and all the pertinent information needed to make a cognitive decision is pushed to the pharmacist and interventions are tabulated in the background automatically.

HighFiveRx Prioritize has real-time, visual, actionable dashboards with medication complexity risk scoring, and facilitates a standardized, systematic and predictable workflow for your clinical pharmacists.

Why Get Prioritize Today?

Workload Visibility

You trust your clinical staff pharmacists. But it still drives you nuts not knowing what they’re doing and how the day is going.

Prioritize provides real-time awareness of both clinical and operational workload.

With Prioritize, the clinical coordinator, the pharmacy director and every pharmacist has real-time visibility of what work’s getting done by whom. All can clearly see what’s left to get done and patient risk.

Know how long it takes your pharmacists to address the patients most at risk of an ADE. Know when a pharmacist is getting behind, or when order fill is falling behind. With Prioritize, your pharmacy staff can self-direct themselves to meet productivity targets and to help where most needed.

In addition to the number and type of interventions, track, measure and manage based upon how long it takes to care for patients based upon patient risk and medication complexity. Know which patients weren’t reviewed and how cutting a pharmacist would impact level of care and risk prevented.


A Better Start to the Day

Each day, clinical pharmacists start their day by embarking upon a time-consuming and laborious search for pertinent information in a patient’s record – all in order to determine which patients to see and how to intervene. For many, this is still a paper-based process – consuming 25% of the workday, before helping a single patient or prioritizing who to see first based upon risk.

Pharmacists who get to use Prioritize start their day differently. It’s grab-n-go. Within minutes of arriving at work they are helping patients, knowing who to see first and next. They always start with the patients most at risk of an adverse drug event and review every patient every day.


Time Savings

With Prioritize, you can make the most of the limited time you have to thoroughly understand what’s pertinent in the patient’s record. Not chasing down the data. Prioritize retrieves the “pertinent narrative” buried throughout the record, all in a matter of seconds. You don’t have to spend precious time printing and wading through pages of notes.

Imagine if the information you needed was concisely displayed in a logical manner, when you needed it. Ready for your review and action.

With HighFiveRx Prioritize, you get an at-a-glance view of the pertinent demographics, labs, drugs, symptoms and alerts. Prioritize finds and presents a complete view of data in a standardized manner that facilitates rapid cognitive decision-making.


Real Cost Savings

In addition to saving lives, pharmacists save money. With interventions like IV/PO, correcting drug/bug mismatches, timely adherence to core measures, and thorough discharge consults with at-risk patients, total costs go down and length of stay shrinks. The # of interventions increases, and interventions occur earlier with Prioritize. Increasing real dollars saved.

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