Prescription Drug Cost Optimization

Within seconds make drug therapy more affordable for patients and plans


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Avoid Cost-Related Non-Adherence


⬣ Health plan formularies to serve up safe, effective, alternative drug therapies

⬣ Accept or reject medications to generate a new regimen with transparent cost savings

⬣ Provide real value to patients in mere seconds

Help your patients save money and stay on their meds

Distinguish yourself from your competition, help your patients save money and stay on their meds, and feel great about what you do

10x Faster! Find Part D drug plan-specific alternate drug therapies for your patients. Keep your patients out of the doughnut hole and save health plans thousands of dollars per member per year. Persist is more comprehensive and vastly easier to use than “free” doughnut hole resources.













Problems with Other Doughnut Hole Calculators

  • Lack the sophistication that pharmacists expect
  • Are written for non-medically trained patients
  • Contain pricing errors
  • Only make recommendations within same therapeutic classes
  • Miscalculate when a patient falls into the doughnut hole
  • Lack what-if optimization tools to quickly add and delete different drug options to see how it impacts doughnut hole threshold
  • Are labor intensive, unreliable and frustrating to use
  • Cost an estimated $17 more in labor costs per patient reviewed
  • Lack health plan cost savings calculation, which is an important metric to demonstrate value in an ACO or self-insured health system.

HighFiveRx’s Persist solves these problems. If you provide doughnut hole cost avoidance counseling to your patients, contact us to learn more about Persist.

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